Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The LIP - LO


My younger daughter, Ceryse, used to keep that bottom lip just a little bit pouty when she was very little. It started when she was only about a month old and lasted up until around 22 months. She has finally outgrown it, but is still extremely good at pouting and making your heart melt.

Funny (and true) story...when she was 4 months old we were at the Dr's office for her shots and check-up. The nurse actually got teary-eyed and even let a tear or two fall because Ceryse's little lip and pouty face just got to her. She had been a nurse for quite some time before, too, so this wasn't her first rodeo...and usually the kids didn't get to her, but she said Ceryse was just so pathetic looking she couldn't help but get a little "misty" over it.


That face, I just love it...but I may a little partial. ;)


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